Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cosmetic Laser Treatments for Facial Veins and Rosacea

What are facial veins?
These are small blood vessels that can appear just under the skin surface and be visible either as individual vessels or as a general redness. They do not perform any useful function but can be unsightly.

What causes them?
There are probably quite a number of things that contribute to their appearance – sun exposure, inflammation that may be caused by injury, acne or rosacea, and genetic factors all play a part, as can alcohol consumption.

What can I do about them?
In our opinion laser offers the most reliable and safe method of treatment. Usually people have tried various other treatments without success before they come to us at Mulberry House Clinic and are delighted with the results.
Many people use make-up or camouflage to mask them, although is obviously not an ideal solution.
There are many distributors of creams and potions that claim to offer simple solutions but without any firm scientific foundation.
At Mulberry House Clinic we offer a unique treatment that acts as an effective camouflage while still allowing the skin to breathe – what’s more the application is dry, waterproof, and provides factor 30 sun protection.

How does laser work?
This cosmetic laser treatment involves the laser (light) energy is delivered through a hand-held device with a cooling tip that protects your skin, and is absorbed by the pigment in your blood so that the unwanted vein collapses.

When will I see results?
The treated veins will either fade or completely disappear during the treatment. Some vessels may show temporary swelling that will subside after a few hours to a few days. The red appearance of the treated vessels may go immediately or gradually disappear as the healing process occurs over the next two weeks. It is common for some vessels to partially reappear during this time, and hence usually more than one laser treatment is required.

Most patients see improvement after the first treatment, but up to three treatments may be necessary to obtain the best results (around five may be required for rosacea).

How often can you have it done?
The usual comsetic laser treatment interval is two to four weeks.

Are there any side effects?
Immediately following the procedure you may experience some redness in the treated area. The redness usually dissipates after a few hours, but occasionally some puffiness may last for one to three days.

How long does it take?
Most laser treatments will take between 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated. It is not usually necessary but topical anaesthetic may be applied before laser treatment.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Chemical Peels (You don't Have to Peel Like a Snake)

Since the TV programme 10 Years Younger has featured chemical peels as part of aging treatments, we have experienced an increased demand for chemical peels. Did you know that you do not necessarily need to have the "shredding effect" on your face and be off work for one to two weeks as shown on the television?

There are many types of chemical peels including TCA peels, Obagi, Unideep, Phenol and Agera Rx.

Most chemical peels result in what I call "skin shredding" as it gives the appearance of a snake shredding its skin, this is acceptable if you want to stay in for 1-2 weeks, but for a working woman it just doesn’t seem probably. Agera Rx peels cause no shredding and deliver the same fabulous results.

Agera RX peels are non-irritating and pain free with no need for recovery time. Now for the science bit! These are unique treatments that significantly stimulate the fibroblasts deep within the skin to produce new collagen and elastin. After just one session, the skin will look clearer, smoother and brighter.

Agera Rx chemical peels are a course of 6 sessions, spaced 2-3 weeks apart and they become as cost effective as major shredding peels that have been seen on the TV show 10 Years Younger.

For maximum results a course of AGERA® RX skin peels can be combined with microdermabrasion (a skin-freshening technique that helps repair facial skin).

I believe an Agera Rx Peel is a clear winner, by allowing you to have a peel in the morning and being able to go to a ball in the evening, an option any person would love to have. Agera RX skin peels are definitely something to consider.

Roberta James specialises and runs the Medical Microdermbrasion and Chemical Skin Peels department at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic in North Nottinghamshire.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Vaser Lipo - Before and After

The Vaser Lipo , a new and advanced form of liposuction, procedure over the past 12 months has become readily available in most leading clinics in the U.K. As with any technology and cosmetic procedure there is a learning curve, consolidation with experience and eventually consistent results. A few leading cosmetic centres, including a top North Nottingham Clinic - Selston Cosmetic Clinic, were the pioneers in bringing this technology to the U.K.

The Vaser Lipo procedure uses advanced ultrasound technology to emulsify the fat under local anaesthetic, this is subsequently aspirated, the results are instantaneous and there is subsequent further body contouring and skin tightening over the next 6 months.

Vaser Lipo is excellent for spot fat reduction, even for areas of the body where Smart Lipo gave minimal results or was unable to take on. Vaser Lipo provides body contouring for larger areas, which if one is being totally honest and truthful is beyond the scope of other forms of laser liposuction such as Advanced SmartLipo and XP Lipo Laser. If you desire Liposuction and Liposculpture of the abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, large flanks, male breasts then Vaser Lipo is the way to go.

Why not let the results speak for themselves as Selston Cosmetic Clinic have released their first two case studies of Vaser Lipo.

Dr. S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at a top North Nottingham Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. See Vaser Lipo, before and after, and learn more about Vaser Lipo by visiting our website.

Friday, 24 October 2008

OBAGI Prescription Skincare at Mulberry House Clinic

When you want to keep your skin looking and feeling good the first thing to consider should be effective skincare. OBAGI prescription-only skincare offers top class science-based medical treatment. Consider these improvements to your skin: smoother, more even colour, firmer, brighter, fewer blemishes.

Often people have used heavily advertised and expensively-packaged cosmetic treatments that fail to deliver any meaningful effects, and they understandably feel cynical, but it is now realistic to use effective prescription creams that offer short term treatment and long term maintenance for healthy functioning skin that is smooth, firm and even-coloured.

There are various choices within the OBAGI range that a physician can choose from and advise you what is suitable for your age and skin type:

OBAGI CR-X system is ideal for younger skin requiring more protection than active treatment.

OBAGI Nu-Derm is the flagship range that conditions the skin, making it firmer, smoother and more evenly pigmented. It is also useful prior to treatments with laser or facial peels.

OBAGI Clenziderm is a new range that offers superior and more rapid improvement in inflammatory acne spots.

OBAGI Blue Peel is an additional option where more correction is required, for example improvement in lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, or deeper pigmentation problems. This too can be tailored by the physician to the individual problem and skin type.

"We have been using and recommending OBAGI products in Mulberry House Clinic for 2 years now," says medical director Dr John Tanqueray, "and both we and our clients have been extremely impressed. There are no other skincare systems that I’ve seen give such improvement in a range of skin problems, especially acne and pigmentation problems such as melasma, which is notoriously difficult to treat effectively and safely by other means."

He continues, "Proof of the effects of OBAGI products comes not just from the science behind them, but in seeing how often just a few weeks after someone starts using OBAGI their mother, sister or daughter contacts us asking for the same skincare treatment!"

OBAGI prescription skincare is available through Mulberry House Clinic on 01604 702630 or at visit the Mulberry House website

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mole Removal - The Latest Techniques

Like all cosmetic treatments, mole removal has benefitted from the introduction of new technology and the improvement of existing technology. Moles are by the lay person sometimes confused with small cysts, small papillomas, small angiomas, fibromas, largeish warts and cholesterol deposits. These lesions can vary in colour from being flesh coloured, yellow, blue or red.

In medical terms a mole is referred to as a naevus, it is a small dark spot with high levels of the skin pigment… melanin; it can be underneath the skin (subdermal) or a pigmented growth on the skin. Medically moles can be subdivided into many types; these classifications are beyond the scope of this article.

All the types of skin irregularities mentioned above are amenable to the modern methods of mole removal (as well as wart removal and skin tag removal). There are many reasons for mole removal, such as; they may simply cause irritation, by catching on a chain, bra-strap or shirt collar. They may be cosmetically distracting and be lowering one’s confidence. Lastly, they may be sinister or suspicious lesions, the mole may be increasing in size, become raised, have irregular edges, start to bleed and become increasingly pigmented.

Recently leading cosmetic clinics are employing computer scanning technology, which analyses the skin pigment, haemoglobin and collagen in the mole lesion and this can accurately assess as any medical expert the suspiciousness of the lesion.

The main cosmetic treatment techniques for mole removal are radiosurgery and electrocautery methods.

Radio surgery involves using radio waves which vaporise the mole, they cause less thermal damage to the skin, giving instant results, negligible scarring and with the use of local anaesthetic is a painless procedure. If required the mole can be excised and sent for analysis using this technology and the analysis is not compromised as the histology is not destroyed.

Electrocautery treatment is a common mole and wart removal method used by many cosmetic clinics, for mole removal, this treatment resulted in scarring, however the latest generation of electrocautery machines have variable power settings and with skilled usage of this accompanied by using ice packs post procedure to reduce thermal damage, excellent cosmetic results can be obtained. This mode of treatment is far more price competitive than radiofrequency.

Dr S.R. Bassi is the leading cosmetic physician at a top cosmetic clinic in North Nottingham - Selston Cosmetic Clinic.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Eyes By Thermage

There is now an extension to the cosmetic treatments available with Thermage, the leading radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening. It is now possible to create a tightening effect for the eyelids and area immediately around the eyes. This area is otherwise a difficult area to treat, and no other radiofrequency treatment offers this facility.

“Eyes by Thermage is a one-off treatment with no downtime afterwards,” says Dr Tanqueray. “It offers something that no other treatment can do, and can give very pleasing results. The area around the eyes is often a problem area with thin and lax skin. There are few treatment options for this, and all other effective cosmetic treatments result in several days of redness afterwards and often requires multiple treatments.”

Thermage treatment involves the transmission of radiofrequency energy into the skin via a sophisticated patented handpiece. The effect is to deliver heat to the deeper tissues while protecting the skin surface. The heat results in collagen contraction within the skin so that often some improvement is seen immediately. The main effects occur over the following 2 – 6 months, so that there is a natural and gradual improvement. Benefits from treatment are likely to last for up to 2 years.

Thermage can be useful in any age group, but is particularly beneficial for men and women between the ages of 35 and 55.

For more information on Thermage or any other non-surgical cosmetic treatments contact Mulberry House Clinic on 01604 702630 or visit

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Introducing VAVELTA® - Treatment for Acne Scarring and Other Scars

Mulberry House Clinic has been chosen as one of a select group of treatment centres for VAVELTA®, a unique treatment for improving the structure, function and appearance of skin that has been damaged by scarring and the aging process.

Scarring occurs following injury to the skin following conditions such as acne, trauma or burns. The healing process produces new collagen, but scarring results when it is not laid down in exactly the same way as in the original skin.

VAVELTA® is a suspension of human dermal fibroblast cells which are injected into the skin to replace those lost through skin damage. A series of shallow injections are used to place the cells just under the uppermost layer of skin where they would normally be found.

The cells establish themselves and start to remodel the scarred tissue with new collagen so that improvement occurs over weeks or a few months with a very natural result. No other procedure is available that offers this approach of matching your own skin’s structure.

Dr John Tanqueray of Mulberry House Clinic comments: “Scarring has always been a challenging area to treat successfully. Initial results with Vavelta are extremely encouraging, and we are delighted that we can now offer our clients Vavelta alongside the other beauty treatment options we have. An added bonus is that Vavelta is a relatively straightforward treatment to have and unlike many other treatments after-effects are minimal.”

How can I find out more about VAVELTA®?

This procedure can only be performed by a specialist physician who is a member of the VAVELTA® Clinical Practice Group. To obtain more information please visit

VAVELTA® is just one of a wide range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments offered at Mulberry House Clinic by Dr John Tanqueray. Appointments for initial consultation are offered free of charge.

Call 01604 702630 for an appointment or visit for more information.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Triple Therapy Skin Rejuvenation

Selston Cosmetic Clinic has developed a new kind of skin rejuvenation which we have dubbed triple Therapy. This involves a combination of laser skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion and a new technique called skin needling.

Skin rejuvenation is now constantly in the media. The beauty magazines and newspaper supplements are filled with creams and serums claiming to reduce wrinkles and tighten the skin. These are all effective, though somewhat minimally!

There are many types of lasers available on the market performing laser skin rejuvenation, recently fractional laser skin rejuvenation (or Fraxel) has gained popularity, the laser removes surface of the skin in a grid like pattern. The downside is to get a really good result you have to suffer 3-4 days of a red face, the skin treatments are expensive, and working women might say “I haven’t got that much time to take off work!”

Triple therapy laser skin rejuvenation using our laser scope lasers, (which have no downtime, enabling you to also return to work the next day), combined with microdermadrasion and skin needling (or a home skin needling system which is just as effective), combining all the advantages of fractional laser treatment, by giving an even face complexion, tightening up the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and plumping out the cheeks further than fraxel laser skin rejuvenation.

The other plus side is the combined cosmetic treatments work out at half the price of Fraxel laser treatments. This treatment from Selston Cosmetic Clinic is available to those in the Nottingham, Derby, Mansfield, Chesterfield and Shefiled areas (and those who are willing to travel).

Roberta James specialises and runs the Laser Skin Rejuvenation and Chemical Peels section at Selston Cosmetic Clinic in North Nottingham. Visit and find out what fabulous things we can do for you.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Laser Hair Removal Explained

One of the most common treatments in cosmetic clinics and certain beauty salons is laser hair removal. On reading the forums it is obvious the success of this form of treatment varies greatly.

How can this be?

The answers are complex- it maybe the laser system used, the systems can range from IPL, single wavelength or radio frequency systems.

Like mobile phones and television sets every year, new laser technology is evolving which purports to give an edge to its predecessors, with respect to laser hair removal.

The cost of these laser hair removal systems can vary from £10, 000- £50, 000! In my opinion as there has been no real head to head clinical trials between the systems, one must rely on the original gold standard the Lightsheer diode laser, which has stood the test of time, delivering speedy treatments and excellent results. Interestingly the Laserscope Lyra Laser system results are compatible to the Lightsheer system.

In summary, if the clinic has a decent laser system, and selects to treat clientelle with the appropriate type of hair and colour its technology can treat and use pre-treatment topical anaesthetic followed by ice packs to give post laser hair removal treatment pain relief. There is then no reason why exceptional results cannot be obtained with minimal discomfort.

Dr. S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at a top Cosmetic clinic in North Nottingham. Visit our website and learn more about laser hair removal.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Watch Out Smartlipo! Vaser Lipo has Arrived from the USA

The pioneering new liposuction procedure, Vaser LipoSelection, has arrived from the USA. Over the next few months we will witness the frenzied excitement as this procedure is highlighted in the glossy beauty magazines and articles are published in the Sunday newspapers and their supplements.

The chat forums on Google will be ignited by people wishing to receive the treatment and those who have already received the treatment, the comments from the latter I am sure will be extremely positive, especially from the unfortunate ones who had poor results with Smartlipo and now have received Vaser Lipo from their clinics.

This new technology of walk-in walk-out liposuction will soon be rolled out by all leading cosmetic surgery clinics over the next few months. In the Midlands two or three clinics including Selston Cosmetic Clinic were one of the first to embrace Vaser Lipo, largely due to the necessity to be able to remove larger volumes of fat compared to the Smartlipo and the next generation of Smartlipo procedures mainly Smartlipo plus, advanced Smartlipo, advanced Laser Lipo and XP Lipo Laser. Needless to say this experience with this procedure has given them an edge over their competitors.

The Vaser Lipo procedures use ultrasound (similar to that used for cataract removal from the eye). This state of the art technology emulsifies and breaks down the fat whilst leaving the blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissues intact. It is performed under tumescent local anaesthesia are awake! A mixture of Saline/Lignocaine and adrenaline is filled into the area to be treated , this solution gives excellent pain relief, minimal blood loss and bruising by shrinking the blood vessels. It also allows the procedure to become a walk-in walk-out liposuction treatment. Finally the liquefied fat is aspirated gently at the end of the procedure.

It is generally accepted in the medical fraternity that no more that 2L of fat should be removed by a tumescent liposuction day case procedure, which Vaser Lipo comes under, this amount of fat removal is well within its capability!

With this procedure the leading cosmetic clinics and experienced cosmetic physicians now have the confidence to give guaranteed results A fantastic quantum leap in liposuction for the consumer.

Vaser Lipo is set to become the leader in walk-in walk-out liposuction in the UK over the next twelve months; it has already annihilated its competition in Singapore!

Dr. S.R Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at the Medical Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic in Nottingham. Find out more about Vaser Lipo and Advanced SmartLipo by visiting our website.

Friday, 12 September 2008

An Account of Laser Skin Treatment

After my first BOTOX treatment I was 100 per cent confident in Dr Tanqueray, and the next thing we discussed was the effects of sun damage – in my case problems with freckles and little broken capillaries and redness. John suggested cosmetic laser treatment and he recommended a course of six of these skin treatments.

Gel was applied to my face and then a probe was slowly run all over my face backwards and forwards. It felt like mild pins and needles over the skin; it felt cool but scratchy.

Directly after treatment my cheeks were quite red, but John assured me it was only temporary and I could apply make-up straightaway. By the time I went to bed, about five hours later, the redness had completely gone.

After two or three treatments I have noticed the improvement in skin texture by the evenness of my complexion, the thread veins have gone and my cheeks don’t flush so readily. The colour is definitely corrected and I am often asked what foundation I use! Of course, I am happy to recommend Mulberry House Clinic.

by Lyn Keable

Cosmetic laser treatments and many other skin treatments are available through Mulberry House Clinic, Northamptonshire 01604 702630 or

Thursday, 11 September 2008

An Account of BOTOX Treatment

I am a beauty therapist and with a little knowledge of aesthetic treatments I decided to go to Mulberry House Clinic for some education. I saw Dr John Tanqueray and asked John to go through all of his treatments with me. He was happy to explain in detail, instilling confidence.

was the first treatment on the list. The needle is so fine that it felt like tiny pin pricks. I was on the treatment couch for no more than five minutes when John said, “That’s it, you’re done!” There was no sensitivity and the only reaction was a few little spots which looked like tiny insect bites but they disappeared within an hour, i would neve have though Botox treatments were so quick!

I noticed the effect the next day. Already I could see a difference in the smoothness of the forehead. John had told me that the effects of the Botox treatment would take up to two weeks but within a week my forehead was totally without a single line and there were no crow’s feet around my eyes. My concern about ending up with a frozen look was unfounded as the muscle between the eyebrows still had free movement.

My clients and friends commented on how well I looked. They used the word “radiant” and asked whether I’d changed my make-up. I had to confess to my husband and he was amazed that I’d taken such a “risk” but was seriously impressed at the result! I was only too happy to tell them that I’d joined the Hollywood elite and there was nothing to fear from botox or other medical aesthetics, providing you go to a reputable company such as Mulberry House! I was relieved that it wasn’t so obvious that I’d had something done, but delighted that some people noticed I was looking so refreshed.

by Lyn Keable

Lyn had her Botox treatment at Mulberry House Clinic in Northamptonshire – 01604 761876 or visit

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

SmartLipo? You Should be Having Vaser Lipo!

If you are thinking of having SmartLipo - don’t bother!

Firstly, you should be considering having one of the next generations of SmartLipo procedures: Advanced SmartLipo, Advanced Laser Lipo or Xtra Performance Lipo Laser.

These new procedures use lasers which deliver higher energies melting the body’s fat, followed by gentle aspiration of the liquefied fat. They are performed in a quicker time and have all the advantages that the original SmartLipo procedure had over traditional liposuction.

However the debate is not over - these procedures are only good for removal of smaller areas of fat; the size of a man’s fist, 500mls to be precise. The ideal patient should be slim and toned with localized areas of stubborn fat, with a Body Mass Index of roughly 25.

A large number of people normally do not fall in the patient selection criteria for the original SmartLipo procedure, but still somehow still ended up having the treatment; inevitably with poor results. You just have to ‘Google’ SmartLipo forums to read the pain, anger, agony and disappointment experienced within them.

Sadly with the obesity epidemic in the UK these people wanting lunch time lipo procedures and meeting the selection criteria are few and far between. However, there is now hope; Vaser LipoSelection has arrived in the UK from the USA.

This technology is similar to Advanced SmartLipo or XP Lipo Laser. It is performed under local anaesthetic and uses ultrasound energy to emulsify and breakdown the fat followed by gentle aspiration of the liquefied fat.

The Vaser Lipo procedure can remove small to large volumes of fat. It is generally accepted that under local anaesthetic and day case surgery no more than 2 litres of fat can be removed, this is well within, Vaser Lipo’s capability.

Leading clinics are already starting to offer Vaser Lipo treatment and it is set to become the gold standard in walk-in walk-out liposuction allowing us to remove larger volumes of fat compared with other technologies and treatments whilst giving us the ability to enhance and reshape your curves.

Dr S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician in North Nottingham’s premier medical cosmetic and laser clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic, part of the cosmetics clinic group.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Smartlipo vs Advanced Smartlipo - There is No Comparison

New SmartLipo procedures have arrived in the UK namely Advanced SmartLipo and XP Lipo Laser. These advanced liposuction procedures are using laser technology which delivers higher energy followed by gentle aspiration at the end of the procedure.

They also have the same advantages like the original SmartLipo procedure over traditional liposuction, such as no hospital stay, no general anaesthetic, no major swelling or bruising, minimal pain along with significant skin tightening over 6 months, a walk in walk out procedure and return to work the next day if desired. The cost comparison also makes the procedures very attractive from £1800-2000 per area compared with £3200+ per area for traditional liposuction.

Needless to say there has been a boom in the amount of people undergoing these procedures; some people who have had failed results with the original SmartLipo procedures have been re-treated by their clinics with the newer procedure and this has led to happier outcomes for clients and their cosmetic/aesthetic physicians.

As more clinics offer Advanced SmartLipo and XP Lipo Laser. The pendulum has swung more forcefully towards the consumer, and rightly so. This mean cosmetic physicians are now offering guaranteed results.

At the pre-treatment consultation, most importantly your suitability for these procedures is assessed, your realistic expectations are discussed and eventual goals and outcomes to be achieved at around six months are evaluated.

If both sides are happy, a pre-treatment photograph is taken and the same photograph at 6 months. The photographs obviously should be taken with similar postures, lighting and background. Providing your Body Mass Index has not increased ( if you have put on weight you cannot blame the laser lipolysis for not working!) and if there is no difference between the pre-treatment and post treatment photographs, the clinic will repeat the procedure free of charge.

In conclusion, it appears the market is going to be cleaned up by these new procedures, but wait one moment and take this into account; a new and more revolutionary treatment is on the coat tails of these advanced liposuction procedures – Vaser Lipo! We’ll talk more about Vaser Lipo in an upcomping article, but if you want to have large amounts of fat deposits removed, you mayb be better of finding out more about Vaser Lipo.

Dr S.R Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician of North Nottingham’s Premier Medical Laser and Cosmetic Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic, part of the Cosmetics Clinics group. Visit our website to find out more about Advanced Smartlipo and Vaser Lipo.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

The Skin Peel Process with Agera RX Peels

When you think of a face peel (or chemical peel), images of shedding skin, redness and irritation immediately spring to mind. Fortunately Selston Cosmetic Clinic offer the Agera RX Medical “no down time” skin peel that involves no recovery time and ensures you leave the clinic without looking like something out of a horror movie; Selston Cosmetic Clinic specialises in non-invasive treatments such as the “no down-time peel” and microdermabrasion, a deep mechanical exfoliation of the skin using crystals.

The Agera RX skin peel is used for various reasons such as general skin rejuvenation, blemishes, sun damage or ageing skin. For the best results, we recommend a combination course of 6 skin peels and 6 microdermabrasion sessions.

After completing a medical history form you have a 15-minute consultation where the cosmetic consultant explains thoroughly to you about the procedure It is important for the client to know that the difference with this treatment is that it does not involve chemicals or harsh acids. Unlike other chemical skin peels where you’re housebound for weeks; with Agera RX peels at Selston Cosmetic Clinic many customers are able to undergo lunchtime surgery.

The Agera RX peel works from deep down underneath the skin as opposed to taking off the top layer of skin. It uses nanotechnology, which penetrates through the water lipid barrier into the deeper layer of the skin, the dermis. The treatment begins with the therapist massaging an ultra mild cleanser into the face to clean the skin of any makeup and excess oils. Strong smelling peel prep was then used to again clean the skin of any excess oils and prepare it for the treatment. There is little discomfort, or more commonly no discomfort at all, and in fact it feels more like a normal facial. Two layers of peel are normally applied to the face. Here there may be slight itchiness and a feeling of the skin being lightly heated.

The skin peel is left on the skin for about 10 minutes, during which time a fan is blown onto the face and cold, wet towels are pressed heavily into the skin to activate the peel. Once the peel has been fully absorbed by the skin, the therapist applies a vitamin C serum to neutralise the peel, a recovery cream and a high factor sun cream.

After the treatment, you are advised not to wear any makeup for the following 24 hours.

Roberta James specialises and runs the medical microdermbrasion and chemical skin peels department at the Selston Cosmetic Clinic in North Nottingham. Visit and find out what fabulous things we can do for you.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Advanced Smartlipo - What You Need to Know

Liposuction in the United Kingdom is one of the top three cosmetic procedures performed (along with Botox and laser hair removal) and its popularity is increasing year on year. The Smartlipo procedure is a form of laser lipolysis and has been around for three years. It has distinct advantages over traditional liposuction; however the eventual results and client satisfaction fell short of the mark. This article will look at the science of laser lipolysis, its advantages as a liposuction procedure, the results obtained and the next generation of Smartlipo procedures.

Laser lipolysis is simply the term used to describe the process of a laser probe being introduced into the fatty tissue of the body, Laser energy is subsequently delivered, rupturing the fat cells and transforming them into an oily substance.

Over traditional liposuction, the Smartlipo procedure has minimal recovery time, is performed under local anaesthetic, and causes much less discomfort, less scarring and bruising. The low level laser energy also helps to stimulate collagen production in the skin resulting in skin tightening.

The results with Smartlipo are generally accepted as around 70% successful. The 30% unsuccessful group may have resulted from poor client selection such as a larger body mass Index (greater than 25) or attempting to tackle body areas containing larger than 500 mls of fat, which was deemed to be the maximum Smartlipo could remove.

This has led to the development of the next generation of Smartlipo procedures - Advanced Smartlipo. Aspiration or gentle suction of the oily substance has been added to the end of the procedure. Previously this was left inside the body, requiring it to be absorbed and eliminated in a natural manner. The initial Smartlipo laser had 6W of power; the newer machines have a power range of 10W to 18W, resulting in greater energy being delivered and larger amounts of fat cells ruptured in a shorter time.

In conclusion the next generation of Smartlipo procedures will deliver better results and higher client satisfaction whilst still having many advantages over traditional liposuction.

Dr. S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician of North Nottingham Premier Medical Laser and Cosmetic Clinic Selston Cosmetic Clinic, part of the Cosmetics Clinics Group. Visit our website or contact us to find out more about Smartlipo and Advanced Smartlipo.

Sculptra - A New Concept in Facial Contouring For a Younger-Looking You

Sculptra is the latest facial rejuvenation treatment to restore facial shape and volume that is lost through natural aging, weight loss and sun damage. Sculptra is a cosmetic treatment that works with your body to stimulate the production of collagen to help you look younger in a natural gradual fashion. Results can last up to 3 years.

Dr Tanqueray of Mulberry House Clinic is an advanced Sculptra practitioner. He has been offering this treatment for a number of years and is delighted with the results. “Sculptra offers a completely new approach and allows me to look at the whole face rather than just concentrate on obvious problem areas. Sculptra restores the natural contours of the face, including the areas under the eyes, cheekbones, around the mouth and along the jawline.”

“Typically the first thing people notice is an improvement in their skin texture, with a firmer and more lustrous feel and look. With subsequent treatments more volume is created under the skin and this is when clients really see the difference.”

Mulberry House Clinic, established in 2002, is set in a Georgian house in its own grounds in the village of Hardingstone, just outside Northampton. Its peaceful and private setting and on site parking adds to a stress-free experience.

Treatments are carried out by Dr Tanqueray or Lorna Copeland, a highly-experienced aesthetic nurse who is also the UK trainer for the market-leading dermal filler company.

Dr Tanqueray adds: “With a wider than ever choice of cosmetic treatments available we can tailor skin treatments to suit the individual. Often we find that a suitable combination of treatments gives the best possible results.”

For more information or to book a free consultation please visit our website Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre or call us on 01604 702630.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Advanced Smartlipo - The New Boy on the Block

Smartlipo, the popular laser lipolysis procedure has enjoyed spectacular success in the United Kingdom over the last two years. This may be credited to the excellent marketing of the procedure.

However, as results and client feedback have filtered through, it is clear all is not well with respect to client satisfaction and results. Smartlipo forums and recently an article by a journalist at the Times online expressed the dismay and dissatisfaction at the results.

This article will examine the next generation of Smartlipo liposuction procedures, known as Advanced Smartlipo.

The original Smartlipo procedure was performed by using a NdYag 1064Nm laser system with only 6W of power, the resultant liquefied fat was left to be absorbed and disposed of by the body’s natural processes.

The newer Advanced Smartlipo procedure uses a more powerful 1064m Nd Yag Laser delivering 10w to 18 w of power, this provides greater energy for rupturing the fat cells, and the procedure was refined by the addition of gentle suction and aspiration of the liquefied fat.

In conclusion, the Advanced Smartlipo procedure has resulted in delivering superior results, and higher doctor and client satisfaction.

Dr.S.R.Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at the North Nottingham premier medical cosmetic and Laser Centre - Selston Cosmetic Clinic.

Find out more about laser lipolysis and the next generation Advanced Smartlipo at Selston Cosmetic Clinic or the Cosmetic Clinics Group.

Breakthrough Plasma Technology Delivers Dramatic Skin Regeneration

Portrait is the first skin treatment to use plasma technology to stimulate a natural regenerative process of the skin.

Portrait has shown unparalleled improvement in wrinkling, skin laxity, skin texture, acne scarring, pore size and surface discolouration – all at the same time.

Now patients can benefit from reduced wrinkles, tighter skin and improved skin tone and texture, all at the same time with the Portrait® procedure.

Compared to other skin treatments that only improve skin at the surface, Portrait® works both at and below the surface. The results seen following treatment get better over time with clinical studies showing continuing improvement a year later. This is a unique and significant advantage that distinguishes it from all other skin treatments.

It reduces wrinkles and improves the overall health and appearance of the skin. Clinical study patients across the board have given their improved skin texture and tone very high ratings in post-treatment evaluations.

“Portrait® skin regeneration is a brand new technology with very unique capabilities,” explains Dr Tanqueray. “Other treatments like chemical peels, dermabrasion and laser work by taking things away from the skin surface, so they can only do so much. Portrait® works very effectively at the surface but it also activates and stimulates collagen growth deeper within the skin causing new, healthy skin to emerge naturally. It’s an entirely different mode of action and the results are exceptional.”

It is a simple procedure that takes 20- 30 minutes for a full face treatment. Backed by years of clinical research, it is safe and effective, giving patients the results they want with an optimized downtime relative to the desired outcome and without the risks associated with other skin regeneration treatments.