Monday, 23 November 2009

Who are The Wimpole Aesthetics Centre?

Dr Joshua Berkowitz opened the Wimpole Aesthetics Centre way back on 2005, on Wimpole Street in Central London. During the time the clinic and he were taking those first steps, he had only one member of staff supporting him.

In only two years these numbers had swelled to four skilled aestheticians to support him, who brought a wide range of skills and knowledge with them. Along with this was the fact that Dr Berkowitz ensured the clinic utilised the most up to date technology and equipment to provide the best possible results for his patients, and to keep them at the cutting edge of their range of cosmetic procedures and anti-ageing treatments.

Today, Dr Berkowitz attributes the success of the Wimpole Aesthetics Centre to this collection of skills, knowledge and technology along with the passion his dedicate team have for their work and the extra special care that each individual patient receives. Patient privacy, dignity and confidentiality are always respected. Each individual will always be welcome and valued as our patient and treated accordingly with courtesy and consideration.

The philosophy followed at the Wimpole Aesthetics Centre is that each patient receives safe, proven and high quality therapies that are tailored to meet the individual’s requirements and aspirations. We aim to be innovative and to only use fully-tested, non-surgical rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments to achieve excellent results for each patient.

Wimpole Aesthetics Centre also believes in ensuring the patients are aware of the limitations of any procedures, along with the benefits, we use and that not every procedure may be utilised by everyone. In this regard we make sure patients are fully aware of what procedures and treatments are right for them, will provide the best benefits and what results can be expected during consultations before any course of treatment is decide upon. This realistic, frank and honest assessments of patients conditions and what can be expected from any procedure, and if these fit with the client’s expectations so any unnecessary disappointment is avoided.

At the Wimpole Aesthetic Centre we are realise and are aware that patients vary greatly and may require several different rejuvenation therapies and aesthetic treatments to achieve the goals they desire, to this end we are able to offer a wide range of treatments; performed by various members of our aesthetic team. Generally, the same therapist will perform a course of treatments in order to have continuity and help build up trust and respect between the therapist and patient.

All our therapists are fully trained to use our equipment and products and we ensure our range of technical skills is kept up to date. In support of our own personal knowledge and skill base, our therapists and aestheticians regularly attends lectures and conferences to further increase our knowledge. It is through this continually updating of our skills that we can confidently offer out treatments and the superior results that come with them.

Some of the treatments available from the Wimpole Aesthetics Centre include:

- Vaser Lipo (State of art non-surgical Liposuction)
- Smart Lipo (For the removal of smaller deposits of fat)
- Thermage (Skin Tightening)
- Laser Hair Removal
- Microdermabrasion
- Chemical Peels
- Botox Treatments
- Sculptra
- Dermal Fillers
- Leg Vein Treatments
- Vela Smooth (Cellulite Treatment)

This are just a few of the anti-ageing and cosmetic procedures we can provide.

Our fees are competitive and we will always give a clear indication of the cost of any treatment,or course of treatments and in some cases we are able to offer payment plans.
We hope this gives you some insight into the Wimpole Aesthetics Centre and will be providing more information on our treatments and staff members soon.

The Wimpole Aesthetics Centre, part of the Cosmetic Clinics Groups, is based in Central London at the following address:

48 Wimpole Street

Telephone: 0207 224 2247
Fax: 0207 935 2845
Website: or

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Radiesse Dermal Filler - Full Facial Volumisation

Over the last few years my experience with using Radiesse has brought dramatic results to clients.

This dermal filler is very versatile and with the recent innovation of mixing Lignocaine anaesthetic with the product, has resulted in making the treatment a more comfortable experience.

I have been using it very successfully as an alternate to Sculptra; the advantage of Radiesse is that it gives instant results, as opposed to having to wait for 6 months plus for Sculptra to work.

Full facial volumisation is for clients who have lost volume in their cheeks, mid-face, have deep grooves in their nose/mouth and deep marionette lines (lines between lips/chin). Correction has to be made to all these areas using Radiesse dermal filler.

Our clients range for this treatment is around the 50+ range because of the ageing process or some of younger age who have lost a large amount of weight which is particularly showing on their face.

They usually have had no cosmetic intervention and suddenly realize after reading magazine articles, watching TV shows or researching the internet that something can be done to melt the years away.

In my experience around 6 syringes of 1.5cc Radiesse are required for full facial volumisation.
At Selston Cosmetic Clinic, full facial volumisation is competitively priced at £1500 for SIX 1.5cc syringes of Radiesse. Our normal price for a 1.5 cc Radiesse syringe is £300.



After - two months later after SIX 1.3cc Radiesse syringes

  • Age 67
  • She had deep grooves nose/mouth and mouth to chin and general face sag.
  • She had previously tried sculptura1 year ago …Which had given disappointing results
As you would agree, a nice result; also notice the confidence returning to the client in the after picture. How can you tell? Just look at the colour of her clothes


Before - Mid 2007

After - October 2009, she had 8cc 1.3cc syringes of Radiesse initially with maintenance treatments.

  • Age late 50s
  • She had marked volume loss of the entire face
  • She required correction to all areas
As you would agree - again a nice result needless to say she feels a confident new woman, just look at the hairstyle change!

by Dr S R Bassi

Dr S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician in North Nottingham's premier medical cosmetic and laser clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Bassi is also a national trainer to doctors and nurses in the use of Radiesse dermal fillers.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Cosmetic surgery as a Christmas present – Christmas gift ideas!

It doesn’t matter how old a woman becomes, if she is unhappy with her appearance she will feel just as awkward and insecure as she did as a teenager. There is only so much that make up and stylish, well-fitting clothes can do for a woman who is concerned about her appearance, particularly when she is nowhere near ready to consider having a face lift.

Women concerned about their wrinkles can contemplate Botox; a woman who hates her acne scars could think about having a chemical peel, a woman who is self-conscious about her cellulite could have mesotherapy. The list of non-surgical treatments on offer has grown at an incredible rate as science has progressed extraordinarily quickly in this area of expertise. Yet, in spite of all these treatments being readily available, women are still not taking advantage of the science available to them. Why might this be?

Typically, women will put the needs of their families well before their own. The kids always need something, new shoes, money for school trips and the list goes on ad infinitum. Many mothers neglect themselves to the point that they do not recognise the women they have become... and they don’t like it.

When a woman will not take the steps to improve her appearance and her confidence, it affects the rest of the family. I have heard stories of women who will not go swimming with their children or avoid school sports days purely because they do not feel confident enough in their own skin to be seen by the world. This lack of self-confidence is crippling to not only mother, but also the children who pick up on these insecurities. It doesn't have to be this way. Partners can also suffer in that they miss the lovely and vivacious woman they fell in love with, somehow, she became self-conscious and unhappy.

This is why the answer to this problem is to be comfortable with the idea of buying cosmetic treatments as a Christmas gift. With Christmas fast-approaching, we have received an unprecedented amount of enquiries regarding gift vouchers for non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Of course, do try and discretely check that the special woman in your life would be pleased with such a gift, some women may see such a gift as an insult even if it is made with the sweetest possible intentions!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Who are Mulberry House Clinic and Laser Centre?

About Mulberry House Clinic:

Mulberry House Clinic and Laser Centre is a very successful cosmetic treatment centre run by husband and wife team Dr John and Elizabeth Tanqueray. The clinic was established at the start of 2003, initially offering a limited range of treatments. However, over the years, John and Elizabeth have developed the widest range of non-surgical treatment options in the region.

The clinic is based in a Georgian House in the village of Hardingstone, just outside Northampton. We are just 5 minutes from junction 15 of the M1 motorway, and parking is available in the grounds of the house.

We are proud that we have a loyal client base as this is a strong indicator of how pleased our clients are with the service we provide. Many of our new clients have been referred by personal recommendation.

We base our treatments on medical principles to ensure that clients are fully informed of the range of options available to them. We are very honest and make sure visitors to Mulberry House Clinic are fully aware of any potential side-effects or problems. We operate in a highly ethical way, and will not recommend any treatment unless we feel it is the most appropriate option for you. We are unique in that we are prepared to recommend medical colleagues elsewhere if we believe that there could be a more appropriate treatment for you that we do not offer ourselves.

We offer treatments that can improve your life. Many people go through life unhappy with how they look but they are unaware that a small cosmetic treatment can drastically enhance their self-confidence as well as appearance.

Treatments can be used to:

- Improve lines, wrinkles and skin texture
- Restore lost volume under the skin
- Reduce pigmentation and redness
- Tighten the skin
- Reduce localised fat and cellulite
- Reduce acne outbreaks and improve acne scarring.

Treatments we offer include:

- Muscle-relaxing injections
- Dermal fillers such as Restylane and Juvederm
- Sculptra
- Facial peels
- Microdermabrasion
- Laser Hair Removal
- Rosacea treatment
- Acne treatment
- Treatment for facial threadveins and redness
- Treatment for pigmentation
- Prescription skincare
- Sclerotherapy for leg veins
- Thermage
- Thermacell
- Plasma Skin Regeneration - Portrait
- Localised fat reduction
- Improvement in skin for the hands/neck and décolleté

Dr Tanqueray offers a consultation with no obligation. We are very happy for you to take time to consider what, if any, treatment you would like, and guarantee that you will not experience any “hard-sell” approach. We are medical professionals, not sales people.

About John & Elizabeth Tanqueray:

Dr John Tanqueray qualified in medicine at Cambridge University in 1984. After his junior hospital posts he entered General Practice.

He works 3 days a week at Mulberry House Clinic and is a General Practitioner on the other 2 days per week.

He is a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) and the British Medical Laser Association.

He is registered with the General Medical Council (number 3010756)

Elizabeth Tanqueray qualified as a Registered General Nurse from University College Hospital in London in 1981, and has hospital experience as Sister in charge of Coronary Care and Intensive Care Units.

She works in the Research Department at Northampton General Hospital, and the rest of the time at Mulberry House Clinic.

To more information on our treatments or to book a consultation at Mulberry House contact us on 0844 880 7728 or visit or