Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Vaser Lipo - Before and After

The Vaser Lipo , a new and advanced form of liposuction, procedure over the past 12 months has become readily available in most leading clinics in the U.K. As with any technology and cosmetic procedure there is a learning curve, consolidation with experience and eventually consistent results. A few leading cosmetic centres, including a top North Nottingham Clinic - Selston Cosmetic Clinic, were the pioneers in bringing this technology to the U.K.

The Vaser Lipo procedure uses advanced ultrasound technology to emulsify the fat under local anaesthetic, this is subsequently aspirated, the results are instantaneous and there is subsequent further body contouring and skin tightening over the next 6 months.

Vaser Lipo is excellent for spot fat reduction, even for areas of the body where Smart Lipo gave minimal results or was unable to take on. Vaser Lipo provides body contouring for larger areas, which if one is being totally honest and truthful is beyond the scope of other forms of laser liposuction such as Advanced SmartLipo and XP Lipo Laser. If you desire Liposuction and Liposculpture of the abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, large flanks, male breasts then Vaser Lipo is the way to go.

Why not let the results speak for themselves as Selston Cosmetic Clinic have released their first two case studies of Vaser Lipo.

Dr. S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at a top North Nottingham Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. See Vaser Lipo, before and after, and learn more about Vaser Lipo by visiting our website.

Friday, 24 October 2008

OBAGI Prescription Skincare at Mulberry House Clinic

When you want to keep your skin looking and feeling good the first thing to consider should be effective skincare. OBAGI prescription-only skincare offers top class science-based medical treatment. Consider these improvements to your skin: smoother, more even colour, firmer, brighter, fewer blemishes.

Often people have used heavily advertised and expensively-packaged cosmetic treatments that fail to deliver any meaningful effects, and they understandably feel cynical, but it is now realistic to use effective prescription creams that offer short term treatment and long term maintenance for healthy functioning skin that is smooth, firm and even-coloured.

There are various choices within the OBAGI range that a physician can choose from and advise you what is suitable for your age and skin type:

OBAGI CR-X system is ideal for younger skin requiring more protection than active treatment.

OBAGI Nu-Derm is the flagship range that conditions the skin, making it firmer, smoother and more evenly pigmented. It is also useful prior to treatments with laser or facial peels.

OBAGI Clenziderm is a new range that offers superior and more rapid improvement in inflammatory acne spots.

OBAGI Blue Peel is an additional option where more correction is required, for example improvement in lines and wrinkles, skin tightening, or deeper pigmentation problems. This too can be tailored by the physician to the individual problem and skin type.

"We have been using and recommending OBAGI products in Mulberry House Clinic for 2 years now," says medical director Dr John Tanqueray, "and both we and our clients have been extremely impressed. There are no other skincare systems that I’ve seen give such improvement in a range of skin problems, especially acne and pigmentation problems such as melasma, which is notoriously difficult to treat effectively and safely by other means."

He continues, "Proof of the effects of OBAGI products comes not just from the science behind them, but in seeing how often just a few weeks after someone starts using OBAGI their mother, sister or daughter contacts us asking for the same skincare treatment!"

OBAGI prescription skincare is available through Mulberry House Clinic on 01604 702630 or at visit the Mulberry House website

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Mole Removal - The Latest Techniques

Like all cosmetic treatments, mole removal has benefitted from the introduction of new technology and the improvement of existing technology. Moles are by the lay person sometimes confused with small cysts, small papillomas, small angiomas, fibromas, largeish warts and cholesterol deposits. These lesions can vary in colour from being flesh coloured, yellow, blue or red.

In medical terms a mole is referred to as a naevus, it is a small dark spot with high levels of the skin pigment… melanin; it can be underneath the skin (subdermal) or a pigmented growth on the skin. Medically moles can be subdivided into many types; these classifications are beyond the scope of this article.

All the types of skin irregularities mentioned above are amenable to the modern methods of mole removal (as well as wart removal and skin tag removal). There are many reasons for mole removal, such as; they may simply cause irritation, by catching on a chain, bra-strap or shirt collar. They may be cosmetically distracting and be lowering one’s confidence. Lastly, they may be sinister or suspicious lesions, the mole may be increasing in size, become raised, have irregular edges, start to bleed and become increasingly pigmented.

Recently leading cosmetic clinics are employing computer scanning technology, which analyses the skin pigment, haemoglobin and collagen in the mole lesion and this can accurately assess as any medical expert the suspiciousness of the lesion.

The main cosmetic treatment techniques for mole removal are radiosurgery and electrocautery methods.

Radio surgery involves using radio waves which vaporise the mole, they cause less thermal damage to the skin, giving instant results, negligible scarring and with the use of local anaesthetic is a painless procedure. If required the mole can be excised and sent for analysis using this technology and the analysis is not compromised as the histology is not destroyed.

Electrocautery treatment is a common mole and wart removal method used by many cosmetic clinics, for mole removal, this treatment resulted in scarring, however the latest generation of electrocautery machines have variable power settings and with skilled usage of this accompanied by using ice packs post procedure to reduce thermal damage, excellent cosmetic results can be obtained. This mode of treatment is far more price competitive than radiofrequency.

Dr S.R. Bassi is the leading cosmetic physician at a top cosmetic clinic in North Nottingham - Selston Cosmetic Clinic.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Eyes By Thermage

There is now an extension to the cosmetic treatments available with Thermage, the leading radiofrequency treatment for skin tightening. It is now possible to create a tightening effect for the eyelids and area immediately around the eyes. This area is otherwise a difficult area to treat, and no other radiofrequency treatment offers this facility.

“Eyes by Thermage is a one-off treatment with no downtime afterwards,” says Dr Tanqueray. “It offers something that no other treatment can do, and can give very pleasing results. The area around the eyes is often a problem area with thin and lax skin. There are few treatment options for this, and all other effective cosmetic treatments result in several days of redness afterwards and often requires multiple treatments.”

Thermage treatment involves the transmission of radiofrequency energy into the skin via a sophisticated patented handpiece. The effect is to deliver heat to the deeper tissues while protecting the skin surface. The heat results in collagen contraction within the skin so that often some improvement is seen immediately. The main effects occur over the following 2 – 6 months, so that there is a natural and gradual improvement. Benefits from treatment are likely to last for up to 2 years.

Thermage can be useful in any age group, but is particularly beneficial for men and women between the ages of 35 and 55.

For more information on Thermage or any other non-surgical cosmetic treatments contact Mulberry House Clinic on 01604 702630 or visit