Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Vaser Lipo - Before and After

The Vaser Lipo , a new and advanced form of liposuction, procedure over the past 12 months has become readily available in most leading clinics in the U.K. As with any technology and cosmetic procedure there is a learning curve, consolidation with experience and eventually consistent results. A few leading cosmetic centres, including a top North Nottingham Clinic - Selston Cosmetic Clinic, were the pioneers in bringing this technology to the U.K.

The Vaser Lipo procedure uses advanced ultrasound technology to emulsify the fat under local anaesthetic, this is subsequently aspirated, the results are instantaneous and there is subsequent further body contouring and skin tightening over the next 6 months.

Vaser Lipo is excellent for spot fat reduction, even for areas of the body where Smart Lipo gave minimal results or was unable to take on. Vaser Lipo provides body contouring for larger areas, which if one is being totally honest and truthful is beyond the scope of other forms of laser liposuction such as Advanced SmartLipo and XP Lipo Laser. If you desire Liposuction and Liposculpture of the abdomen, inner thigh, outer thigh, large flanks, male breasts then Vaser Lipo is the way to go.

Why not let the results speak for themselves as Selston Cosmetic Clinic have released their first two case studies of Vaser Lipo.

Dr. S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at a top North Nottingham Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. See Vaser Lipo, before and after, and learn more about Vaser Lipo by visiting our website.


Lauri said...
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Lauri said...

Now that's great news for my side flabs! It's been unsightly over the years and, seeing the good results of liposuction from my friends themselves, I'm also set to go to West Palm Beach. Liposuction treatments and other cosmetic procedures have made this place quite popular. There are also multi-skilled dermatologists Wellington can provide.

When I get there, I'd ask for more info regarding this Vaser lipo.

SmithGreham said...

Laser liposuction, laser lipo is also commonly known, can be divided into two types - internal and external liposuction. In an external laser assisted liposuction, the laser is used on the outside of the body of the patient before surgery starts.


smita sharma said...

I would like to know all the options that are available in terms of Liposuction, in order to choose the best for me! Actually i would like to have a Vaser Liposuction but there are dozens of techniques and i don't know what to choose. Besides you should know that i hate pain and i can pay up to $5000! Besides i live in london so it would be great if i could find a doctor there! Can you help me?

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