Monday, 21 June 2010

For The Perfect Bikini Body

This year is going very fast, it's summer already! It's the time of year when people are preparing to look their very best on their holiday whether they are slimming down with liposuction, recapturing their youthful looks with Botox or ridding their body of excess hair with laser hair removal treatments.

At Cosmetic Clinics, we think that it is best to eat well, drink plenty of water, exercise and stay out of the sun before contemplating cosmetic surgery. By obeying these basic beauty principles, major surgery is unneccessary for most and smaller treatments such as Botox and laser treatments can keep everyone looking their best without spending thousands of pounds

However, even if you do everything else right, you may not be entirely satisfied with your body.

Those summer holiday photographs are the ones that will either make people proud of their bodies or sink into a depression - pictures to be used as inspiration to diet!

Make your bikini body the best it can be, contact Cosmetic Clinics to discuss how we can help you create the bikini body of your life.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Why choose semi-permanent make-up

Semi-permanent make-up is becoming more and more popular among women who have busy work and social schedules.
This is a fairly new procedure which can show wonders for women wanting to save time in their beauty routines. There are 5 proven benefits for choosing to try semi-permanent make up:

  • Blemish camouflage: Permanent or semi-permanent make-up is the solution to hide all imperfection that you may have. From lips to eyebrows, the area can be tattooed with skin coloured pigments to hide the appearance of scarring to reduce visibility.
  • Time Saving: Running late for work with no time to apply basic make up? Here is the solution with the semi-permanent make-up. You can get straight out of bed and still look fabulous.
  • Youthful looks: With time passing, many facial features can change shape, such as eyebrows, lips, and eyelashes. This can be sorted with the lips looking fuller as well as the eyebrows thanks to the tattoo method used by our qualified and experienced staff.
  • Applied in a perfect way: If your hands are a little shaky and your make up makes you look like Coco the Clown then Cosmetic Clinics can help. Semi-permanent make up can help make you feel more confident and looking beautiful without the hassle.
  • No more make-up runs: You have an important meeting, it is raining and no umbrella! In a normal situation, this could be a disaster but thanks to semi permanent make-up, you don’t have to look like Cruella de Ville! Now you can free to live as you want - go and dance in the rain as you please!

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