Monday, 19 April 2010

What Cosmetic Clinics can do for you

Having an international client base, it is always nice to see how people have got on after 6 months of treatment. Vaser lipo is one of our most popular treatments as it achieves what surgery can't - ridding your body of the last stubborn pockets of fat.

How does it work?
This is a relatively painless liposuction/liposelection treatment. Bruising is minimal and recovery is much faster compared to surgical procedures. Put simply, the vaser targets fat cells and breaks them down. The fat is then removed with a small vacuum.

...and the results?

One of our clients from Dubai flew in and had various treatments and she has now emailed her results approx 6-8 months after treatment. I thought I would like to share these with you.



I think you will agree she looks absolutely fabulous.

Lead Vaser Technician at Selston Cosmetic Clinic (Nottinghamshire, East Midlands)

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