Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Radiesse Dermal Filler - Full Facial Volumisation

Over the last few years my experience with using Radiesse has brought dramatic results to clients.

This dermal filler is very versatile and with the recent innovation of mixing Lignocaine anaesthetic with the product, has resulted in making the treatment a more comfortable experience.

I have been using it very successfully as an alternate to Sculptra; the advantage of Radiesse is that it gives instant results, as opposed to having to wait for 6 months plus for Sculptra to work.

Full facial volumisation is for clients who have lost volume in their cheeks, mid-face, have deep grooves in their nose/mouth and deep marionette lines (lines between lips/chin). Correction has to be made to all these areas using Radiesse dermal filler.

Our clients range for this treatment is around the 50+ range because of the ageing process or some of younger age who have lost a large amount of weight which is particularly showing on their face.

They usually have had no cosmetic intervention and suddenly realize after reading magazine articles, watching TV shows or researching the internet that something can be done to melt the years away.

In my experience around 6 syringes of 1.5cc Radiesse are required for full facial volumisation.
At Selston Cosmetic Clinic, full facial volumisation is competitively priced at £1500 for SIX 1.5cc syringes of Radiesse. Our normal price for a 1.5 cc Radiesse syringe is £300.



After - two months later after SIX 1.3cc Radiesse syringes

  • Age 67
  • She had deep grooves nose/mouth and mouth to chin and general face sag.
  • She had previously tried sculptura1 year ago …Which had given disappointing results
As you would agree, a nice result; also notice the confidence returning to the client in the after picture. How can you tell? Just look at the colour of her clothes


Before - Mid 2007

After - October 2009, she had 8cc 1.3cc syringes of Radiesse initially with maintenance treatments.

  • Age late 50s
  • She had marked volume loss of the entire face
  • She required correction to all areas
As you would agree - again a nice result needless to say she feels a confident new woman, just look at the hairstyle change!

by Dr S R Bassi

Dr S.R. Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician in North Nottingham's premier medical cosmetic and laser clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic. Dr Bassi is also a national trainer to doctors and nurses in the use of Radiesse dermal fillers.


Julia said...

WOW...such results would definitely convince any person to use Radiesse instead of other cosmetic treatments.

It's amazing how new products like this one are so effective. i'm sure that this product will be another "enemy" of botox in a few months.

Julia, Skin Vitality Complaints

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