Friday, 12 September 2008

An Account of Laser Skin Treatment

After my first BOTOX treatment I was 100 per cent confident in Dr Tanqueray, and the next thing we discussed was the effects of sun damage – in my case problems with freckles and little broken capillaries and redness. John suggested cosmetic laser treatment and he recommended a course of six of these skin treatments.

Gel was applied to my face and then a probe was slowly run all over my face backwards and forwards. It felt like mild pins and needles over the skin; it felt cool but scratchy.

Directly after treatment my cheeks were quite red, but John assured me it was only temporary and I could apply make-up straightaway. By the time I went to bed, about five hours later, the redness had completely gone.

After two or three treatments I have noticed the improvement in skin texture by the evenness of my complexion, the thread veins have gone and my cheeks don’t flush so readily. The colour is definitely corrected and I am often asked what foundation I use! Of course, I am happy to recommend Mulberry House Clinic.

by Lyn Keable

Cosmetic laser treatments and many other skin treatments are available through Mulberry House Clinic, Northamptonshire 01604 702630 or

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