Thursday, 11 September 2008

An Account of BOTOX Treatment

I am a beauty therapist and with a little knowledge of aesthetic treatments I decided to go to Mulberry House Clinic for some education. I saw Dr John Tanqueray and asked John to go through all of his treatments with me. He was happy to explain in detail, instilling confidence.

was the first treatment on the list. The needle is so fine that it felt like tiny pin pricks. I was on the treatment couch for no more than five minutes when John said, “That’s it, you’re done!” There was no sensitivity and the only reaction was a few little spots which looked like tiny insect bites but they disappeared within an hour, i would neve have though Botox treatments were so quick!

I noticed the effect the next day. Already I could see a difference in the smoothness of the forehead. John had told me that the effects of the Botox treatment would take up to two weeks but within a week my forehead was totally without a single line and there were no crow’s feet around my eyes. My concern about ending up with a frozen look was unfounded as the muscle between the eyebrows still had free movement.

My clients and friends commented on how well I looked. They used the word “radiant” and asked whether I’d changed my make-up. I had to confess to my husband and he was amazed that I’d taken such a “risk” but was seriously impressed at the result! I was only too happy to tell them that I’d joined the Hollywood elite and there was nothing to fear from botox or other medical aesthetics, providing you go to a reputable company such as Mulberry House! I was relieved that it wasn’t so obvious that I’d had something done, but delighted that some people noticed I was looking so refreshed.

by Lyn Keable

Lyn had her Botox treatment at Mulberry House Clinic in Northamptonshire – 01604 761876 or visit

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