Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Watch Out Smartlipo! Vaser Lipo has Arrived from the USA

The pioneering new liposuction procedure, Vaser LipoSelection, has arrived from the USA. Over the next few months we will witness the frenzied excitement as this procedure is highlighted in the glossy beauty magazines and articles are published in the Sunday newspapers and their supplements.

The chat forums on Google will be ignited by people wishing to receive the treatment and those who have already received the treatment, the comments from the latter I am sure will be extremely positive, especially from the unfortunate ones who had poor results with Smartlipo and now have received Vaser Lipo from their clinics.

This new technology of walk-in walk-out liposuction will soon be rolled out by all leading cosmetic surgery clinics over the next few months. In the Midlands two or three clinics including Selston Cosmetic Clinic were one of the first to embrace Vaser Lipo, largely due to the necessity to be able to remove larger volumes of fat compared to the Smartlipo and the next generation of Smartlipo procedures mainly Smartlipo plus, advanced Smartlipo, advanced Laser Lipo and XP Lipo Laser. Needless to say this experience with this procedure has given them an edge over their competitors.

The Vaser Lipo procedures use ultrasound (similar to that used for cataract removal from the eye). This state of the art technology emulsifies and breaks down the fat whilst leaving the blood vessels, nerves and surrounding tissues intact. It is performed under tumescent local anaesthesia are awake! A mixture of Saline/Lignocaine and adrenaline is filled into the area to be treated , this solution gives excellent pain relief, minimal blood loss and bruising by shrinking the blood vessels. It also allows the procedure to become a walk-in walk-out liposuction treatment. Finally the liquefied fat is aspirated gently at the end of the procedure.

It is generally accepted in the medical fraternity that no more that 2L of fat should be removed by a tumescent liposuction day case procedure, which Vaser Lipo comes under, this amount of fat removal is well within its capability!

With this procedure the leading cosmetic clinics and experienced cosmetic physicians now have the confidence to give guaranteed results A fantastic quantum leap in liposuction for the consumer.

Vaser Lipo is set to become the leader in walk-in walk-out liposuction in the UK over the next twelve months; it has already annihilated its competition in Singapore!

Dr. S.R Bassi is the lead cosmetic physician at the Medical Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, Selston Cosmetic Clinic in Nottingham. Find out more about Vaser Lipo and Advanced SmartLipo by visiting our website.

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