Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Sculptra - A New Concept in Facial Contouring For a Younger-Looking You

Sculptra is the latest facial rejuvenation treatment to restore facial shape and volume that is lost through natural aging, weight loss and sun damage. Sculptra is a cosmetic treatment that works with your body to stimulate the production of collagen to help you look younger in a natural gradual fashion. Results can last up to 3 years.

Dr Tanqueray of Mulberry House Clinic is an advanced Sculptra practitioner. He has been offering this treatment for a number of years and is delighted with the results. “Sculptra offers a completely new approach and allows me to look at the whole face rather than just concentrate on obvious problem areas. Sculptra restores the natural contours of the face, including the areas under the eyes, cheekbones, around the mouth and along the jawline.”

“Typically the first thing people notice is an improvement in their skin texture, with a firmer and more lustrous feel and look. With subsequent treatments more volume is created under the skin and this is when clients really see the difference.”

Mulberry House Clinic, established in 2002, is set in a Georgian house in its own grounds in the village of Hardingstone, just outside Northampton. Its peaceful and private setting and on site parking adds to a stress-free experience.

Treatments are carried out by Dr Tanqueray or Lorna Copeland, a highly-experienced aesthetic nurse who is also the UK trainer for the market-leading dermal filler company.

Dr Tanqueray adds: “With a wider than ever choice of cosmetic treatments available we can tailor skin treatments to suit the individual. Often we find that a suitable combination of treatments gives the best possible results.”

For more information or to book a free consultation please visit our website Mulberry House Clinic & Laser Centre or call us on 01604 702630.

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