Thursday, 22 July 2010

Sclerotherapy Treatment Gaining in Popularity

Sclerotherapy – the word might not look familiar yet, but watch this space. Just as Botox has swept into the popular consciousness of the western world, so this treatment will in the years to come. Even in the past year the number of people subscribing to the treatment has sky rocketed. So what is it? Sclerotherapy is the injection of a solution into the veins themselves using very fine needles, which damages the veins and causes the body’s immune system to treat them as damaged tissue. This, in turn, causes them to be absorbed back into the body over the course of the following weeks and to disappear completely.

So why has it experienced such a rise in popularity? After years of subjection to horror stories about cosmetic surgery and the notoriously high costs involved, it looks like; for the most part at least, large swathes of the population are snubbing such procedures. In their place the people are demanding alternative, less costly beauty therapies, and innovative specialist surgeons (in this case vascular surgeons) and scientists are only too happy to oblige; Sclerotherapy is just one treatment that has benefitted from such a swing in public perception.

Of course, there are other factors involved. Despite the recent recession, in the long term wages in the western world continue to rise while the cost of such treatments continue to fall, so people can afford to spend the money – treatments don’t break the bank, they don’t come with the possible horrific side-effects that surgery can bring and they provide simple, elegant solutions to long-term beauty conundrums.

Also, Sclerotherapy particularly is a very quick procedure, which may be why it has recently been termed the ‘lunchtime legs’ technique, as increasingly professional women have been found to be making use of their lunch hour by popping in to the local clinic for the 15 minute procedure.

Whatever the reason for the Sclerotherapy treatment’s sudden rise in popularity, keep an eye out for it, because it’s here to stay.

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