Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

There are so many cosmetic products and treatments out there at the moment – so how do you figure out which ones are right for you? Well, there is no easy answer and thorough research is often your best bet. So read on while we guide you through the benefits of laser hair removal.

First of all, why have it done? Well, you can shave, wax and apply creams and lotions, however, these are all short term solutions and over time the cost builds up. Laser hair removal will cost a little more, but the results will last a lifetime. Furthermore, if you are one of the many, many people out there for whom hair removal is a constant battle, you will appreciate the benefits of not having to deal with bumpy, sensitive skin and shaving rashes.

So, you can do it out of convenience (and let’s not take that word lightly, as itchy, raw skin every other day is definitely a big inconvenience). Are there any other conditions under which you might plump for laser hair removal? Well, how about to improve your confidence? Whether male or female there are always areas we wish could be free of hair, and sometimes constant removal and re-growth can damage your self-esteem, especially if the hair is particularly obvious. Laser hair removal avoids all that, so you can save time and increase in confidence!

Furthermore, anyone who has had to go through the pain of waxing only to have to go through the same torment a matter of weeks later will know the dread that comes along with it. While initial results may be satisfying, it can never provide the long-term benefits of a virtually pain-free laser hair removal treatment! Patients do report a slight discomfort just under the skin, but certainly nothing as agonising as waxing, and it is a discomfort that can be easily treated with analgesic creams or gels.

So, for those problem areas (commonly the face, back, underarms, bikini line, chest and neck), how effective is it? Well, man or woman, no matter the skin or hair type, patients across the board report a 60-90% reduction in hair in the treated areas, with any hair that does grow back coming through much lighter and much finer.

There is of course a higher cost associated with laser hair removal, however you should consider this an investment, as you won’t have to shell out constantly for razors, shave gel or waxing strips. Cost depends on a number of variables, from the area to be treated to the number of treatments necessary, to the individual practitioner and even your location, but if any of the arguments above struck a chord with you, then we think you’ll find it a cost worth paying.


smartlipoforyou said...

laser hair removal is the best technic but some time we should help doctor because smart lipo also is a slower procedure than traditional liposuction, resulting in a longer procedure in some cases. However, to justify the cost of the device, greater than $100,000, hopefully it should have significant benefits for the patient.

Kristy Martin said...

Yes, a laser hair removal has some benefits and I went for it at here.
Everything went well, I visited the cosmetic clinic like 4 times, because it's a step by step process and now, I'm very satisfied of my results.
I recommend this way of getting rid of the unwanted hair... it's something really useful, with some benefits as the article also says!

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