Thursday, 15 July 2010

Botox Users Still Rising

Botox is one of those strange phenomenon – a brand that 95% of people will be familiar with, but one which very few of us would ever come into contact with. Well, maybe in the past, but right now Botox is more popular and more affordable than ever, meaning that large cross-sections of the population are deciding to give themselves the Botox treatment.

Although it has only really worked its way into the popular consciousness within the last few years, Botox is certainly not a new drug. Initially it was introduced in the US in 1989 to treat involuntary twitches around the eyes (known as ‘spastic eyelid syndrome’) but quickly its potential became clear, and by 2002 it received approval for use as an anti-wrinkle treatment. Before long it was getting further approval left, right and centre to be used for other cosmetic purposes. Quick, safe and clean, the treatment has found a wide variety of uses since its introduction for wrinkles, including widening of the eyes, ‘ski-slope’ nose, the perfect smile, perky breasts and refined cleavage.

Even more recently doctors and scientists have begun to see an even greater legacy for this multi-purpose drug as its uses once again range beyond that which was originally envisaged. First used to treat twitchy eyes, then exploited for its beauty benefits, now we are beginning to see that Botox may not yet even be close to reaching its true potential. Approved for treatments of conditions such as migraines and hyperhidrosis (whereby a person’s sweat glands go into overdrive, so that a person may be forced to change clothes several times a day), this drug seems to be finding new and wonderful uses year on year. Who knows what other uses might be found for it?

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