Thursday, 11 February 2010

Who has the worst celebrity breasts?

Katie Price’s breasts have officially been voted the worst celebrity breasts in a survey conducted by The Good Surgeon Guide.

The former page 3 model who has become a tabloid favourite and reality TV star has won the dubious accolade after respondents to The Good Surgeon Guide’s poll revealed that her generously enhanced bosoms were ‘tacky’ and ‘unattractive’. Other celebrities who were unfortunately to make the “worst boob” list included Alicia Douvall, Amy Winehouse, Tori Spelling and Jennifer Ellison.

Christiana Clogg, founder of the Good Surgeon Guide said that these days, when it comes to breast enhancement, less is definitely more. Patients are more likely to opt for tear drop shape implants similar to Victoria Beckham as the natural look is most certainly back in vogue. Ms Clogg commented, “It would appear that women are more in favour of the natural look nowadays and feel it says something about their personality as well as their look.”

If you are looking to emulate the breasts of the celebrities who were voted as having the best breasts in the business, such as Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook and Danni Minogue, then you should consider macrolane injections to give a subtle boost and enhance the natural shape of your breast.

Macrolane is a non-surgical way of shaping and enhancing smaller breasts. A clear crystal gel is injected into the breast with the treatment taking around 45 minutes in total and performed as a walk in, walk out procedure. The injections are administered whilst you are under a local anaesthetic and unlike surgical breast enhancements, there is no scarring and no time off work required. Because the substance that is injected is made from hyaluronic acid, an acid that is already present in your body, it is highly unlikely that your body will reject it. Macrolane was specially developed for its purpose which means that it doesn’t ‘migrate’ or interfere with the breast tissue or mammograms.

If you are considering non-surgical breast enhancement, contact Cosmetic Clinics to find out where your nearest clinic is.


andy said...

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I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… however it was another joy to see It is such an important topic and ignored by so many, even professionals. I thank you to help making people more aware of possible issues.Great stuff as usual.

Kristy Martin said...

Kattie Price has ugly breasts... they look horrible! I've also underwent a breast augmentation in Toronto procedure, but only for one size... I didn't want to have them huge, just a little bigger than they were! Now, I'm satisfied, but that's it... I don't want any plastic surgery for my breasts!