Thursday, 29 October 2009

Cellulite – From a Patient’s Perspective

I can remember having cellulite from when I was a teenager. It seemed as though from the moment I hit puberty I had been cursed with this disgusting dimply skin all over my bottom and thighs. At a time when I should have been enjoying my teenage years, having fun at the beach or the swimming pool in brightly coloured bikinis, I was sat on the sidelines. A girl has got to keep a smile on her face so I just pretended I couldn’t swim and wore sarongs to cover my thighs.

As I got older, I became interested in boys and relationships. As I was shy about my body, I was shy around boys and I would never let anyone see me naked. I felt painfully self-conscious about stripping off and I always made sure that I was either in bed before my partner or that the lights were off before I changed and quickly slid into bed. When I got married, I didn’t need to lose anymore weight as I was a super-slim size 10 but I was still blighted by horrific cellulite. Even after we married, my husband had never seen me naked in normal light but I would wear sheer nighties that covered my bottom and light candles to make my appearance softer. I literally know every trick in the book to cover my thighs and hide them from view.

When I hit my early thirties, my husband became frustrated with my lack of self-confidence. I wouldn’t go swimming with our young son and beach holidays were entirely out of the question. He had NEVER seen my bottom in normal light and my self-esteem was at rock bottom. That’s when he offered to pay for a course of cellulite treatment for my birthday - on the proviso that I changed my lifestyle to complement the treatment. That meant I had to cut down of caffeinated drinks, begin body brushing and drink more water. Combined with the mesotherapy, my cellulite all but disappeared and I was thrilled. I went swimming with my son for the very first time. I felt like the yummiest mummy in the leisure centre!

After years of enduring low self-esteem, I can’t for the life of me imagine why every woman isn’t having these injections. It only takes 10 minutes to complete one session and depending on how bad the cellulite is, you’ll need at least one session of injections per week for 4-8 weeks.

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