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Mesotherapy for Rejuvenation of Hands and Décolleté

The number of clients having medical cosmetic treatments is increasing each year. Much of this is due to more affordable procedures as well as increased awareness and knowledge. Not only is demand for the more well known treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers increasing, but there is considerable demand in the number of clients requesting treatments to rejuvenate the hands and the décolleté.

These areas are often neglected and whilst most women are now very aware of the risks of sun damage to their faces, they often neglect their hands, neck and chest. Many of our clients complain that their faces look great, but their age is given away by their hands, neck and chests.

Dr Lucy Glancey recalls one of her patients proudly showing her new 4 carat diamond ring, a present for her 60th birthday and she commented that life wasn’t fair! “How so?” I asked, “Well just as you are able to afford a huge diamond ring your hands look so aged that you are embarrassed to show them off.”

“These types of comments have prompted cosmetic Doctors to look at rejuvenation procedures available and develop new techniques” says Dr Glancey. “First and foremost we ensure that our patients protect these areas from the sun by using a good sun protection of at least an SPF of 30. Most of us are so careful about putting sun block on our faces, but how many remember the neck and décolleté? While driving in the car on a sunny day our hands are exposed to the sun light and if unprotected can become pigmented. While in our twenties and early thirties we get a nice even chocolate tan which looks attractive, later on in life our sun damaged melanocytres tend to produce patchy pigment which results in ‘sun spots’. The natural ageing process also causes our hands to lose fat and again this can give a very aged look. The décolleté can be easily damaged by spraying perfume on the neck and chest area and then exposing it to the sunlight. This causes a photosensitive response and increases the ageing process. As we sleep the décolleté can become ‘squashed’ and particularly in larger breasted ladies. This produces the lines and wrinkles running up from the breast as well as creepy looking skin. The hands, neck and décolleté are areas of the body that ladies like to be able to show off and therefore they are looking for effective anti ageing treatments.”

There are various procedures for hand rejuvenation and one of the more drastic ways is to remove the veins on the back of the hands. Because of the loss of fat the veins become more prominent so rather than this drastic approach it is better to replace this lost volume. “Another reason why we do not like to remove the veins” says Dr Glancey “is because the veins can be life savers and should you collapse on the street you may need the intravenous access”.

One way of replacing the volume in the hands is by redistributing the patients’ own fat. Autologous fat transfer can be performed with a device called Lipivage. A small amount of fat is harvested from areas such as the inner thighs, tummy or knees. The fat is then ‘washed’ and then immediately injected back into the treatment area. The patients are required to wear bandages for a few days after the procedure and there may be some bruising. However, once this has all settled the hands look beautifully plump and rejuvenated.

A disadvantage of this technique as with any procedure involving the patients own fat is that the body may metabolise it quickly and therefore we cannot predict how long the effects will last. An alternative to using fat is to replace the volume using synthetic soft tissue filler. A technique known as Mesotherapy which involves multiple injections used to plump up the hands and décolleté with a product that re-hydrates and replaces hyaluronic acid. A new product called Restylane Vital® can be used in both the hands and the décolleté area over three sessions. Dr Glancey comments “we are getting really nice results which can last from 6 months to a year.”

Restylane Vital® a crystal clear gel which is injected into the dermis to moisturise the patients own skin from within. The active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, is found naturally in the body, but its production decreases with time. Restylane Vital® stimulates skin cell activity to increase the production of collagen and elastin, so hands and the décolleté looks plump and youthful.

Another procedure that can be very effective on these areas is Intense Pulsed Light. This treatment modality not only rejuvenates the skin, but eliminates any pigment such as age spots and broken capillaries. “A typical condition that patients complain about on their neck and décolleté” says Dr Glancey “is telangiectasia and poiklioderma. This condition is characterised by matted broken capillaries either side of the neck and across the chest. Intense Pulsed Light will target the dilated capillaries as well as any sun spots. Another great advantage of using IPL is that is stimulates collagen production and when combined with Mesotherapy the results are fantastic.”

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