Monday, 14 September 2009

Juverderm Ultra - The Painless Dermal Filler?

Summer’s over (I’m not sure how many people in Britain can remember what summer is!), autumn is coming – what is there to look forward to? Well at Mulberry House Clinic we have some news to brighten you up, especially if you’ve been wanting to have dermal filler treatment but are afraid it will be painful.

If you think the idea of having dermal filler treatment, even in the lip, without any anaesthetic is unimaginable then we have found the treatment for you!

A dermal filler is now available that contains local anaesthetic, and the effects on comfort are dramatic.

I was asked to used Juvederm Ultra about a year ago before it was launched to give my own and clients’ feedback to the company. Initial impressions were good, but at that stage I wanted to be sure that there were going to be no unexpected side-effects or problems, and that the longevity of treatment would be good. It has now had time to prove itself and I am recommending it more and more to my clients. Juvederm Ultra has recently been given FDA-approval in America for duration of effect of up to 12 months.

Compared to other dermal fillers the experience is much more comfortable and initial swelling and redness is considerably less – the effects are also even smoother, and feel natural almost straightaway.

We now have a good number of clients who have had Juvederm Ultra, and they’ve been delighted with the results and amazed by how comfortable it is.

We know that there are people who have been reluctant to have dermal filler treatment, especially around the mouth, because it can be painful, but we can now reassure you that this really doesn’t need to be a concern any more - if you are sceptical or particularly sensitive there is still no problem with having anaesthetic cream on first for optimum comfort.

Dr John Tanqueray - Mulberry House Clinic

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