Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Dark Circles Causes & Treatments (Part 1)

Dark circles under the eyes together with cellulite are probably the most commonly talked about aesthetic imperfection. This is partly due to the fact that there is very little one can do to completely eliminate either of them. For both conditions a variety of over the counter creams are sold that promise the world but deliver less than modest results, as many of us who have tried them can confirm. However in the treatment of dark circles new advances in cosmetic medicine, such as laser surgery and dermal fillers, the condition can be improved up to 80 – 90 % (depending on the reason for the dark circles) which is good news for those who have been long suffering.

What are dark circles?
This is the appearance of different colour, texture or a mixture of both on the lower eyelid area. It is far more difficult to treat the so called complex circles where there is a combination of colour difference and textural changes. In our clinic we use grading system for patients with dark circles. There are 4 grades;

Grade 1 – these are very mild and only visible without any make up. They disappear totally when make up or concealer is applied.

Grade 2 – these are visible even with make-up but of moderate severity. A good way to demonstrate grades 1 and 2 better and especially for the purposes of medical photographs is to ask the patient to put their chin down and look up to the ceiling without moving their head. This is important when we take before and after pictures in order to clearly demonstrate the results of the treatment

Grade 3 – these are severe and give the impression of baggy eyes (the so called false or pseudo – eye bags)

Grade 4 – these are the complex dark circles where there is a combination of not only texture but a colour change as well. They require more treatment sessions compared to the other grades.

Over the next few weeks we will outline the differing reasons or causes for dark cirles under the eyes and wat treatments are avialble to combat them, so keep an eye out for Part 2!

by Lucy Glancey

For more information on dark circles, treatments and dermal fillers, visit www.cosmeticclinics.co.uk


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