Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Laser Hair Removal - How Good Is It?

This month's focus is on Permanent Hair Reduction, or as it is more commonly know; laser hair removal.

The use of lasers has proven over many years to be without a doubt the best form of long lasting hair removal; we will go in to detail as to why later. Laser hair removal is most commonly used on the upper lip and chin area, the underarm and the bikini zone. However it is just as effective on the arms, legs and back areas. Obviously laser hair removal isn’t just for ladies either, and many guys have the procedure to be rid of excessive hair or unsightly body hair.

Now for the more technical part!

The principle of treatment is that light energy (Laser) is directed at the hair follicle. The wavelength of light energy is absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair as it sits in the hair follicle, and this absorption results in a short heating effect that damages the cells lining the follicle and which are responsible for hair growth.

As it is the melanin pigment that is affected by the heat energy then melanin needs to be present and unfortunately this is only the case in dark hair (brown or black) thus it will not be effective on blond, grey, red or light hair. Many people believe that skin colour is a factor however this is not true; laser hair removal is safe to use for any skin type.

Now that covers the “why?” but what else makes it the best treatment? Well the other bonus is that unlike electrolysis for example, there is no scarring or sigh that the treatment has occurred, apart from some redness for a few hours.

“Wait a minute! Redness? So it hurts?”

Well to say it is painless would be untrue, but it is not painful per se either. It falls somewhere between, but an anaesthetic cream is used to ease the feeling on more sensitive areas along with the laser tip being cooled to make the experience more comfortable. The sensation is described as a slight stinging sensation by many people, and it’s probably about right; compared to electrolysis it is much more pleasant.

For best effects normally about 6 treatments are required, though good results can come after only 4. It is worth noting that on the face up to 8 treatments are sometimes necessary (due to hormonal reasons).

The benefits are normally visible after 2 or 3 treatments, and they continue up to the last. It also means that shaving, waxing and hair removal creams are no longer required and can give a huge confidence boost to people who have suffered with unnatural or excessive hair growth.

There are many clinics that can offer laser hair removal, but make sure you use a reputable clinic with an experienced cosmetic doctor.

All of the clinics in the Cosmetic Clinics Group provide laser hair removal and are all ran by experienced and fully trained professionals, plus you can use the website to find you nearest clinic and many of the clinics offer special deals such as Mulberry House in Northampton who offer a sixth treatment for free! If you pay for five laser hair removal treatments in advance, now that’s a bargain!.

For more information on laser hair removal or to book an appointment consultation or treatment for visit the Cosmetic Clinics Groups’ website at

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