Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cosmetic Clinics Provide A Vaser Lipo Master-Class

In late July, there was something of a Vaser Lipo master class held at Selston Cosmetic Clinic in Nottinghamshire.

Hosted by Selston's resident cosmetic doctor, Dr Sashi Bassi, the master class was attended by several other members of the Cosmetic Clinics Group, all experts in Vaser Lipo techniques and national trainers for Vaser Lipo in the UK.

Along with Dr Bassi the attendees included Dr Kam Singh of Beau Aesthetica Spa & Clinic (Leicester), Dr Joshua Berkowitz of The Wimpole Aesthetics Centre (London) and Dr Bhavesh Bodalia of The Gables Medicentre (Coventry). Each doctor has many years of experience in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures and treatments and were the first to use Vaser as a new method of liposuction.

Having such a gathering of expertise was quite a boon and this combined knowledge was to be utilised on 3 different patients’ inner thigh and knee areas. Obviously each patient was unique and the doctors debated their preferred approaches and techniques to the areas undergoing the Vaser Lipo procedure. It is interesting to see the little differences each doctor has to the same fundamental procedure, and the combination of these led to achieve very satisfying and impressive results for each of the patients involved.

Of course the patients were not the only beneficiaries to the mater class, as each doctor gleaned a few differing styles, techniques and insights into each others years of training and expertise, which in turn added to their own repertoire and skill set.

Vaser Lipo, one of the most advanced and beneficial forms of liposuction, is available from several of the clinics in the Cosmetic Clinics Group. For a full list, visit www.cosmeticclinics.co.uk and use the handed treatment & clinic locator to find your nearest clinic offering Vaser Lipo.

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