Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Boost Your Confidence With Laser Hair Removal

Last week, the cosmetic surgery world saw the man who received the world’s first full face transplant enjoy his first shave.

Spanish surgeons transferred facial skin from a donor who had the same skin tone, weight, height and age as the patient who is in his 30’s. Part of the face transplant included a new beard for the man who was shot in the face by accident and has not eaten a proper meal for the last five years.

After a 24 hour operation, the patient, who has not been named due to the complexity of Spanish law, had a new nose, tear ducts, cheekbones and a jaw. Doctors expect the patient to make a good recovery and if all continues to go well, anticipate the man returning to work in as little as five months.

Dr Joan Pere Barret who has been involved with the extraordinary case told the world’s media about the patient’s ordeal, saying: “Many people with facial disfigurement feel very isolated, as in this case. He only went out when no one could see him, where there were not that many people around”

The patient involved in this situation was extremely unlucky regarding the severity of his injuries. However, on a smaller day-to-day scale, many people across the world feel isolated due to cosmetic problems they feel are disfiguring.

For example, due to a hormonal imbalance, women may experience excess hair across their face, necks, chests and legs. They may not be aware that with a few short treatments, laser hair removal could be the answer to their prayers.

According to society, women aren’t meant to be hairy but many hundreds of thousands of women put up with excess hair in visible places and this, understandably, saps their confidence.

A condition does not have to be as serious as the poor gentleman mentioned at the start of this blog post to render someone depressed and unhappy with their appearance. When there are so many non-surgical cosmetic treatments that have been developed, why allow your life to be put on hold when treatments are so successful for a huge proportion of patients?”

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