Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Laser Hair Removal

For some, hair removal is a costly, painful and inconvenient necessity. Could this be down to a cultural dislike of female body hair? I think this is entirely possible because whenever you see a picture of a woman showing off body hair, for most, the instant reaction is to screw up your face in disgust and say, “urgh!” It really is the last taboo when it comes to the female body and I do not see this one disappearing soon.

Julia Roberts bravely (?) flashed her hairy armpit to the word at the Notting Hill premier in 1999 and most recently, actress Mo’Nique made the world gasp at her hairy legs. She won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress but this did not stop Mo’Nique raising her dress to show off a seriously unkempt pair of legs. Goodness knows why she did this because I thought she looked amazing… up until that point.

I know I don’t feel my best if my legs aren’t smooth. There is no respite even when you wear trousers, as the hairs seem to rub mercilessly and almost create static! Again, if you want to wear knee-length boots, this can be uncomfortable even with two days of leg hair growth.

Yet losing the body hair is also a problem. Shaving can cause nasty nicks and waxing hurts no matter what anyone tells you! Last year I had my bikini line waxed, but the finer hairs that were apparently hiding beneath the more visible thicker hairs were left behind and I had a very red and blotchy bikini area, which I had to continue plucking at home. Very unattractive! The masochistic waxing lady didn’t even shape the remaining hair. I left the waxing studio feeling sore and worry for myself. I could use a depilatory cream but they usually smell pretty nasty and they are messy to use and take too long if you’re in a hurry to get to work.

There is electrolysis as a more permanent option but it is very costly and can be very painful. As with everything, there are risks e.g. infection or the treatment may not work. In the wrong hands, electrolysis can cause permanent skin damage. This is why I opted for laser hair removal for my armpits. It got to the stage where I was shaving my armpits every day because I couldn’t bear the tiniest bit of stubble.

So how does it work?
Laser hair removal works by laser energy being turned to heat energy when absorbed by the hair follicle, this causes thermal damage to the follicle without any damage to the surrounding skin, thus ceasing growth in the treated follicle. It is not 100% permanent, but the more treatments you have, the longer the effects should last.

It was the perfect option and I am so glad that I had it done, look at the pictures! I will be going in to have treatment on my legs next. Thank you Cosmetic Clinics!

Women's Body Hair - by louisa hastings

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