Sunday, 20 December 2009

Miracle Anti Ageing Pills? We're Not So Sure

This article was spotted at the Daily Mail Online and we thought it was worth mentioning.

It concerns a new pill on the market in Europe (though not Britain) called Inneov Fermete that claims it can restore, to degrees, the elasticity of the skin. Now many would say that we here at the Cosmetic Clinics Group are biased, as this would be competition for many of our anti-ageing treatments, but we cannot help but be somewhat sceptical.

The magic pill that solves all is not a new invention, there have been pills for so many things over the years. The problem is most of them just don't work, or work to a degree but only in conjunction with other things, such as diet pills that only work with a calories controlled diet and exercise. Well forgive us for saying but if you took the pills away from that equation, you'd have the same results too.

We aren't saying this flat out doesn't work, it's too early and the information is too little for us to comment on that, but reading below it says that the magic ingredient is something found in tomatoes. Now if that is the case why not just eat more tomatoes? They certainly aren't £25 for a ten day supply.

Also if you add it up it will cost someone in the region of nearly £1000 over a year for these pills. You would be better off trying an actually proven anti-ageing cosmetic treatment for that kind of money, as a matter of fact you could probably get several.

For now we will just stay sceptical, and see if we have to eat our words or not, only time will tell. You can read the full article below.

“A treatment has arrived that claims the way to look more youthful on the outside is to start with the inside.

Inneov Fermete is a little red pill that when taken daily supposedly provides the necessary nutrients to prevent wrinkles.

It contains a compound found in tomatoes which, it is claimed, protects old skin cells and promotes the growth of new ones.

The pills have been tested on two groups of women - 90 postmenopausal women aged 51 to 69 and 70 others with an average age of 45. Some were given the pill and others received a placebo.

Those given the anti-wrinkle product were found after six months of use to have skin elasticity that was 8.7 per cent better than those who had taken the dummy pill. Inneov Fermete has been developed by cosmetics firm L'Oreal in conjunction with the food multinational NestlÈ, and claims to combine nutritional and dermatological science.

It is among an emerging class of so-called cosmeceuticals - beauty treatments that claim to work from inside the body rather than being applied to the hair or skin.
Because Inneov Fermete is taken daily as a sugar-coated pill, its makers hope that it will be viewed as a lifestyle product, like a vitamin supplement, rather than as a medicine.

It is on sale in parts of Europe and South America and a launch is planned in the UK, although a date has not yet been confirmed.

But with a price tag of £25 for a ten- day supply, it is likely to be beyond the budget of most Britons, particularly as the manufacturers say it will take around three months for any effect to be noticed.

Patricia Manissier, of Inneov, said: 'We have done a lot of research which shows this product works and now we're looking for ways of improving it.

'We know that good nutrition can prevent the skin from ageing and that there are clear links between certain nutrients and skin health.' The three main ingredients are all antioxidants, which are believed to protect tissue against damage.

Lycopene, the red carotine pigment found in tomatoes, has been modified to be easily absorbed by human cells, and combined with vitamin C and isoflavones, which are extracted from soya beans.”

Source: Daily Mail Online


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