Monday, 15 June 2009

Vibro Lipo - Another Amazing Liposuction Alternative

Recently Dr Bassi of Selston Cosmetic Clinic, part of the Cosmetic Clinics Group, travelled to Belgium to witness and assess one of the latest Liposuction procedures – Vibro Liposculpture.

The Vibro Liposculpture system was demonstrated to Dr Bassi, and Selton Clinic’s lead Vaser Lipo technician Mags Whyler, by Dr Safar, an eminent liposuction surgeon in Brussels. Dr Safar has performed more than 5000 liposuction procedures and has been using the Vibro Lipo system for over 10 years.

Currently Vaser Lipo is one the optimal forms of non-invasive liposuction and provides fantastic results, proof in point is that Selston and many of the other Clinics in the Cosmetic Clinics Group utilise Vaser Lipo. However Vaser Lipo is best suited for small to medium volumes of fat removal. This means that those patients who need much larger amounts of fat removing cannot be realistically treated except by traditional liposuction, which is a much longer and more expensive treatment that required hospital time.

Vibro Lipo solves this problem is a big way. Whilst Dr Bassi and Mags were in Brussels they observed Dr Safar perform the Vibro Lipo procedure on a lady from Russia. The procedure was performed under local anaesthetic and the lady was aware and quite chatty (if you understand Russian that is). The end results were very impressive, with a staggering 3.5 litres of pure fat removed from the upper and lower abdomen and anterior flanks of the client.

Since then the Vibro Lipo system has been integrated and installed at Selston Cosmetic Clinic and Dr Bassi and the team hope to use this new technology to provide a much wider selection of treatments for their clients regardless of shape or size.

Dr S.R. Bassi is the leading cosmetic physician and Mags Whyler is the lead Vaser Lipo technician at a top cosmetic clinic in North Nottingham - Selston Cosmetic Clinic.


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